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Conversations In Speech Pathology

May 26, 2020

LInda D'Onofrio is a speech-language pathologist in Portland Oregon specializing in oral myofunctional disorders (OMD's). I first came across her name about 3 years ago (likely thanks to Robyn Merkel-Walsh). Recently I've taken two or three of her online courses and have been smitten by her willingness to speak honestly (and with a sharp wit) about the problems in our profession.


Linda's Oromyofunctional Facebook group

Linda's Vimeo course: How Oral Motor Impacts Articulation & Language Development

The Dropbox folders:

OMF Articulation Abstracts

OMF Breathing Abstracts

OMF Chewing Abstracts

OMF Craniofacial Abstracts

OMF Feeding/Swallowing Abstracts

OMF Frenulum Abstracts

OMF Lactation Abstracts

OMF Mouthbreathing Asthma Abstracts

OMF Occl Ortho Abstracts

OMF Oral Habits Abstracts


OMF Posture Abstracts

OMF Protocols & Measurements

OMF Surgical Abstracts

OMF Therapy Abstracts

OMF Voice Abstracts